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Prevent Check Fraud

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a fraud detection tool that uses a combination of direct personal contact and banking software to help businesses avoid check fraud.

How it works:

  • Through CorpLink, a customer creates a Positive Pay file of checks they issue to record check numbers, amounts and payees.
  • When checks are presented for deposit or for cash, the check number and amount on the presented check is compared to the information in the file.
  • If all of the information matches, the check is accepted and the transaction is completed.
  • If the information on the check does not match the information in the system, the transaction is paused to allow the issuer of the check to determine whether it should be paid, or if the check should be stopped.
  • Daily, the issuer will be notified of any non-matching check items. The issuer then logs into CorpLink to make their pay or stop-pay decisions.


  • Saves money: Considering the labor involved in manual check fraud prevention measures, implementing Positive Pay can save a business time and money.
  • Convenient: Automates the check fraud prevention process.
  • Control: Positive Pay provides business customers with more accuracy and greater control over cash flow.
  • Reduces fraud: Minimizes exposure to check fraud.
  • Quick and easy: With the Internet, business customers can issue checks and approve exception items from virtually anywhere.

For more information on how Positive Pay may benefit your business, contact your local branch.