Security First Bank and Zelle

Introducing Zelle®

Zelle is a fast, safe and easy way to send money to your friends and family, and it's now available in your Security First Bank mobile banking app!

The addition of this service has caused us to update some of our policies. To view these changes, please click the links below.

Mobile Wallet

Fast and safe one-touch checkouts. With a quick tap of your device, you can use your Security First Bank MasterCard® Debit Card to pay when you shop online or at any store location or that accepts mobile payments. Mobile wallet uses a one-time-use number each time you shop to help keep your information private. Your payment information is never shared with merchants or stored on your device. Our card is enabled for:

Android Pay®

Android Pay

Fast mobile payments in-store and in apps with most Android devices already available.

Add your card to Android Pay in three simple steps:

  1. Download Android Pay from Google Play
  2. Snap a picture of your debit card
  3. Enter your One Time Passcode, signature and verification method

Apple Pay®

Apple pay

The easy, secure and private way to pay in stores, in apps and on the web.

Add your card to Apple Pay in three simple steps:

  1. Open the Wallet app.
  2. Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner.
  3. Use your Apple ID to add your Security First Bank MasterCard debit card.

Samsung Pay®

Samsung Pay

Pay almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your card.

Add your card to Samsung Pay in three simple steps:

  1. Find the app pre-installed on your phone or download off Google Play
  2. Scan your fingerprint or iris and enter a PIN
  3. Snap a picture of your card and provide your signature