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Meet Your Financial Goals

Time Deposits

One type of savings account is known as a Time Deposit. We offer a range of time deposit options, also known as a Certificate of Deposit (CD),to help meet your savings goals. Use the chart below to see our current rates for each available Time Deposit term. When you open a Time Deposit, you agree to a set length of time by establishing a maturity date. This frame of time can range from anywhere between 91 days up to 5 years. This traditional approach to saving money can offer account owners a sense of security about their investments. An early withdrawal is possible, but there is a financial penalty involved. The rate of interest (known as Annual Percentage Yield) is predetermined and the account owner chooses the term (or length) of the Time Deposit, and the earned interest is either compounded or paid out annually. Most Time Deposits retain their initial interest rate throughout the life of the deposit.

Traditional Time Deposit Accounts

Time Deposit accounts require a set amount of time before the withdrawal on the maturity date. Some people chose a Time Deposit because they enjoy the constraints of a Time Deposit to save money with more control. See our traditional terms and rates below.

Account Features:

  • 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and 60 month terms
  • $1,000 minimum deposit
TermAnnual Percentage Yield
3 months 0.05% APY*
6 months 0.10% APY*
12 months 0.15% APY*
18 months 0.20% APY*
24 months 0.25% APY*
36 months 0.40% APY*
60 months 0.55% APY*

Flex CD Account

If a traditional Time Deposit is not for you, try our more flexible option, the Flex CD. See our Flex CD terms and rate below.

Account Features:

  • 24 month term
  • $1,000 minimum deposit
  • Make additional deposits up to your initial amount
  • Withdraw your funds without penalty up to four times after the first week on deposit
  • Increase your rate one time during the term

*Public entities not eligible.

TermAnnual Percentage Yield
24 Months 0.15% APY*


*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 04/05/2022. $1,000 minimum balance required to open a time deposit account and obtain the APY. Penalty for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings. Rates subject to change. Interest payouts required.