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Whether you’re buying a home, fixing the one you have or refinancing your current mortgage, Security First Bank offers professional advice, affordable financing solutions and a wide range of mortgage loan options.

Traditional Mortgage Loans

Fixed-Rate Loan

This type of loan features the same interest rate and monthly principal and interest payments throughout the entire term of the loan.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

This type of loan offers borrowers a low, fixed-rate for 10 years. After the fixed-rate period expires, the interest rate and payment may increase. Various amortization options are also available.

Home Equity Loan

Homeowners can borrow against the equity in their home to finance major or specific expenses.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Borrowers can use the equity in their home to access an ongoing line of credit, up to a determined amount, to meet ongoing cash needs.

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan

This type of loan is insured by the FHA and assists home buyers who have lower down payments, along with more flexible income or credit requirements.

Specialized Mortgage Loans

Construction Loan

This type of loan is for both builders and homeowners, and is used to fund home construction. Once the home is completed, permanent financing, generally a mortgage loan, is established.

Jumbo Loan

This type of loan is for well-qualified borrowers interested in purchasing a home or property that exceeds the conforming or secondary market loan limit of $424,100.

VA Loan

This type of loan is administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs and provides the opportunity for American Veterans to buy a home with no down payment.

Rural Development Loan

A USDA Rural Development home loan offers qualified borrowers in rural communities a chance to obtain a home loan with easier qualifications and financing options than other conventional loans.

First-Time Homebuyers Grant

This is a fund that can be utilized with in-house or secondary market loan options to assist with down payments and/or closing costs. These grants are available in qualified areas only.



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Security First Bank Mortgage Lenders


Tammy Brown

Tammy Brown

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS#: 813282
Meet Tammy Brown

Jason Carnahan Web

Jason Carnahan

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 616197
Meet Jason Carnahan

Lindsay Erickson

Lindsay Erickson

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS#: 1204920
Meet Lindsay Erickson

Barb Connell

Barb Connell

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS#: 616198
Meet Barb Connell


Bart Peters

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 616214
Meet Bart Peters

Celsey Hinn Web

Celsey Hinn

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS#: 1730635

Elizabeth Rezac

Elizabeth Rezac

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS#: 483558
Meet Elizabeth Rezac

Jennifer Brolhorst Web

Jennifer Peters

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 616194

Lisa Workman

Lisa Workman

Mortgage Division Manager
NMLS#: 616196
Meet Lisa Workman

Josh Krueger Web

Josh Krueger

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS#: 682531

South Dakota

Rhonda Soderlin Web

Rhonda Soderlin

Loan Officer
NMLS#: 616223
Meet Rhonda Soderlin

Rapid City
Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS#: 1886919

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