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Keep What Matters Safe

Fraud Protection

Security First Bank offers many fraud protection options for customers to keep their information safe. It’s important to remember to never give personal information to a stranger who contacts you by telephone, email, or other electronic means. This includes your bank account information, online banking credentials, Social Security number, and credit or debit card numbers. Explore our options to see how we can help keep you protected.

CyberScout Fraud Protection Service

With every Security First Bank personal account, we provide you with free access to CyberScout, the nation’s leader in identity management and fraud education. CyberScout provides:

  • Proactive education
  • Risk-reduction strategies
  • Identity theft protection
  • Privacy management
  • Document replacement services
  • Unlimited 24/7 resolution support to help fight identity theft and fraud

To learn more about CyberScout or to enroll in one of their premium services, click the Sign Up button and enter the Access Code: 72HQ374M1

If you feel you may be a victim of fraud

Card Controls

Control your Security First Bank debit card with our mobile app! Card Controls allows you to control how, when, and where your debit card is used. It is a simple and secure way to manage and monitor your payment transaction activity and help keep your debit cards safe.

  • Turn your debit card on/off
  • Control when and where your debit card can be used
  • Receive instant real-time transaction alerts

How to enable Card Controls:

All Security First Bank mobile app users will automatically have this feature available within the mobile app.

  • Log in to your mobile app and select More and then select Card Controls.
  • A list of your available debit cards will be displayed. Click each card you wish to control and select Enable card for use.
  • You will be able to select and control your debit card use by Location, Transaction and Merchant Type and Threshold Amount.

How to enable Card Control Alerts:

  • After you have enabled your Card Controls, to enable Alerts for your debit card transactions, select More, then Alerts.
  • A list of your available debit cards will show. Select each debit card you wish to enable Alerts for. You will have the ability to chose your alerts based on Merchants, Transactions and Threshold Amounts.

Account Alerts

Stay in Control: With Account Alerts, you can receive custom alerts by text message or email to help you monitor your accounts, based on what’s important to you. Account Alerts can also help you identify unusual activity sooner, which can reduce the impact of potential identity theft or fraud.

Daily Alerts

  • Daily Balance
  • Loan Balance
  • Loan Payment Received
  • Loan Payment Due
  • Overdrawn Account
  • Past Due Payment
  • Rate Change on Loan

Real-Time Alerts

  • Low Balance
  • High Balance
  • Withdrawal Transactions
  • Deposit Transactions (excludes ACH)
  • ACH Electronic Deposit
  • ACH Electronic Withdrawal
  • ATM Withdrawal
  • Card Money Transfer
  • Debit Card Charge
  • Returned Deposit
  • Insufficient Funds (NFS) Today
  • Address Update
  • Phone Number Update
  • Email Address Update

How To Enroll in Account Alerts:

  1. You must enroll in Online Banking to sign up for Account Alerts. Enroll in Online Banking >
  2. Log in to Online Banking and click the More button on the navigation bar and then select Customer Service.
  3. Select Alerts.
  4. Select the account you wish to receive alerts for and select the desired alerts for that account.

EZshield Identity Crime Protection

Lost or stolen phone or wallet? Security First Bank can help with a one-year subscription to Identity Crime Protection Services. Please contact your local branch if your phone or wallet has been lost or stolen and you think your information could be at risk.

This service includes:

  • Identity restoration with live agents
  • Password and identity vaults
  • Daily Credit Bureau monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Identity theft insurance

Test Your Knowledge

Think you can outsmart a scammer? Test your scam IQ with the American Bankers Association’s BanksNeverAskThat Quiz.