Security 1st Bank

Debit Cards

Security First Bank debit cards are a convenient way to pay for almost anything, and can be used at thousands of stores and ATMs nationwide. They’re safer than carrying cash, less work than writing a check, and simplify your account monitoring with real-time transaction posting.

Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Call: 877-500-1044
After Hours: 800-500-1044
Fraud Alert Verification: 866-374-6975

If your debit card goes missing, call these numbers immediately to stop it from being used by anyone else. When you call be sure to specify Security First Bank/South Dakota to expedite the process.

Instant Card Production

Opening a new account or lost your current debit card? No problem! Several of our Security First Bank locations have the capability of creating your new debit card on site. No more waiting for a card to arrive in the mail!

Pay With Your Phone

With a quick tap of your device, you can use your Security First Bank MasterCard Debit Card to pay at any store location that accepts mobile payments. Our debit card is enabled for Android Pay®, Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®.

Debit Card Security Enhancements


Optional password-protected online purchasing



Create a personal password for online purchases with SecureCode. Click here to register your personal password.


Debit card activity alerts



All Security First Bank debit card holders have fraud detection monitoring with SecureLock, which automatically notifies you by e-mail, text message and/or phone call to alert you of possible fraudulent activity associated with your card.

Click here to learn more about SecureLock debit card fraud protection.